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Call Him Commissioner Ben Eaton

Written by: Salaam Green

Ben Eaton wins District 5 Perry County commission election in a close hard fought race against 12 year incumbent Ron Miller proving every vote counts. 465-432 is the certified counts of the election. In a small country club in Uniontown, Al Commissioner Eaton had his first community celebration he walks in to the fired up committed crowd chanting “Ben Eaton, Ben Eaton”.

According to Commissioner Eaton, one of his first congratulations calls reminded him that Jesus spent 33 years being crucified and attacked in his earthly body -much like some elections- and Commissioner Eaton won by 33 points.

Commissioner Eaton a retired educator, master carpenter, and Vice-President of the Black Belt Citizens entered the race a day before qualifying ended. This is Commissioner Eaton’s first stint in the political world; however Commissioner Eaton is adamant he isn’t your usual politician. Portia Shepherd, of Portia Takes on the Black Belt, asks Commissioner Eaton after his win what this wins means,

Commissioner Eaton said, “You Just have to keep believing on the father and believe.” Commissioner Eaton’s candor during his run resembled this sentiment. Commissioner Eaton stepped out on faith and has been running ever since.

Alabama Secretary of State has election turn-out for Perry County as 45.90%. In Commissioner Eaton’s district over 800 residents came out on a sunny steamy day a steady flow of cars flowed into the Family Life Center in Uniontown, Al. Coordinated efforts of voter education groups such as Black Voters Matter in their Black shirts passed out “Win with Ben” informational cards. Commissioner Eaton’s campaign motto simply poignantly pressed the point that time for real change is now in a county oftentimes synonymous with low voter turn-out.

“You Just have to keep believing on the father and believe.”

Yvonne Johnson a district 5 resident stated, "she hopes to see better roads and fewer potholes in the district now that Commissioner Eaton is in office." Commissioner Eaton’s gave a heartfelt speech where he committed his values to improve the district at his inaugural celebration event as friends and family looked on with hope.

Commissioner Eaton resounded that he works for the people of District 5 and the people of District 5 are his family. Commissioner Eaton will not cower to the upcoming pressures he is resolute that his role is to listen, serve, and restore unity in district 5 to the best of his ability. Commissioner Eaton positions “To abstain while voting is a no vote servants of the people must make a choice and stand by it (be the leader) and work for the citizen’s best interest”.

This is a remarkable win for the people of district 5 in Perry county but it also a monumental win for the citizens of the Black Belt where many small towns are often polluted with election fraud, environmental justice issues, lack of jobs and crumbling infrastructure. Commissioner Eaton ran on the platform of voting on the side of the people. At his celebration I asked Commissioner Eaton how he feels after his win and he stated the phone is ringing off the hook from well-wishers and in between he is taking much deserved naps. Come November 2018 after his swearing him I have the feeling those naps will be few far and in between. Better yet knowing this Commissioner he is already well rested and has leaped in his journey of faith once again by meeting and listening to his new constituents and planning to implement preeminent progress throughout Perry County as Commissioner for the people of District 5.

A community District 5 celebration is tentatively planned for June 23rd more detail on place and location to be announced. This will be a great chance for all residents to come and greet the new Commissioner of district 5 and welcome in the leader who has promised to bring powerful people centered change into Perry County, Al.

Pictures: a shepherd production

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